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Fostering Economic Prosperity

Economic prosperity means that our state and local communities throughout Utah are able to provide for all our needs and are self sufficient in every sense. We must guarantee that Utah is able to produce all our essentials locally while we maintain strong yet fair trade relationships with others around the U.S. and world.

Most importantly we must recognize that any economic growth and prosperity are means to an end. That end being stronger and more prosperous communities with access to family friendly recreation like Utah's natural treasures, monuments and parks; educational opportunities from elementary to higher education; quality health care that's affordable and good paying jobs.

Promoting Excellence in Education

There are significant social benefits to states and cities when we have a highly educated population. I believe Utah can have one of the best educated, highly trained, energetic and creative workforces in the nation. Doing so will do more to improve quality of life than many other policy priorities we could institute.

This is why I believe every Utah child and adult should be able to fully pursue and realize their potential. With this goal in mind we should adequately fund pre-K, elementary and post secondary education. We should also offer every Utah resident access to institutions of higher learning and trade schools.

Providing Access to Quality Health Care

I believe that access to health care is a right and that we should transition to a universal or near universal health care system that respects the individual's right to choose their own health care providers and treatment. I believe in community based health care and I believe that health care starts with the individual and community.

We must ensure that Utah has quality air, water and food so that we reduce the number of medical visits overall and are able to build a more healthy and vibrant populace. We must start by ensuring that medically under-served communities have access to community based health clinics and that doctors and medical clinics are willing to locate in or near in these communities.

Protecting the Environment

Each policy priority of our state should be considered with all other priorities. This should be no different with the environment. Every policy I talk about relates to the environment whether it is fostering economic prosperity, promoting excellence in education, providing access to quality health care or providing quality recreation. Our environment, local and state, affects every aspect of our lives.

I believe that the best approach to protecting the environment is to take a prevention-first policy. We must balance every decision we make as a state in terms of it's impact on our environment, whether good or bad, and we must be future focused. I trust that people of good faith want to protect our environment while balancing other needs. I believe that we can do that and so much more.

Providing Quality Recreational Opportunities

This is an often neglected policy priority and many may not see the role that the government plays in this area but I will work tirelessly to make sure that our state and local communities are able to offer the best in terms of quality recreational opportunities to Utahans and to those who visit our great state while ensuring a balanced budget.

Ensuring transparency in government

Government should be open to all people at all times and the people should be able to know what is going on in all aspects of their government. I will work with the legislature and executive to ensure that we are as transparent as possible. The criticism that we have more politicians than public servants at the State Capitol should end.

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